The Cote d’Azur, or French Riviera, has long been a favourite for both French and
international buyers alike. However, in recent years there has been a trend towards buying real estate on The South West Coast (particularly Parisians), notably in Biarritz & Saint Jean de Luz on The Basque
Coast, and Arcachon & Cap Ferret near Bordeaux in The Gironde.
This is partly because of good TGV links from Paris to Bordeaux and the high entry cost of
properties on The Mediterranean. The rise in popularity on The Atlantic Coast, has meant that property prices have risen drastically there, and now match, or sometimes even surpass those of homes in The South of France. So, is The French Riviera still the best place to buy property in France?
We think it might still be, and here’s why:

Location, location, location!
The Cote d’Azur is ideally located on The Mediterranean Sea, in The Southeast of France, just
a stone’s throw from neighbouring Italy and an easy drive to The Southern Alps and great
skiing. This makes The French Riviera for a very attractive place to own a second home, or to
live full time.
Nice International Airport allows for easy access from many foreign countries and there are
also a large number of flights from Paris.

Great Weather
If you like the sun, then you’re in the right place. With over 300 days of sunny weather the
Cote d’Azur is one of the sunniest places in France.
Mild winters and warm summers, with a sea breeze, make for excellent living.
The Climate is therefore a positive factor for those wanting to buy a place in the sun.
American buyers have often compare the French Riviera to sunny California in terms of
climate, and our British and Scandinavian clients often buy here for a large dose of vitamin D!


It’s Famous
The French Riviera is world renowned and has been a favourite with stars, high-flyers and an
inspiration for artists for as long as anyone can remember.
The Cote d’Azur is a well-known destination and for good reason; it’s not just for the Cannes
film festival……the beautiful towns, the sun, the glitzy lifestyle, and the pure beauty of the
place attract people from all over the world.


International community
The attractiveness of this stunning part of France brings in an international community; from
holiday makers over for a few days, to people buying property and settling here for part or
all of the year.
The Cote d’Azur is home to a lot of Expats, and is very popular with British, Scandinavian,
Russian and American buyers.


It’s Varied
The vibe and scenery on The Cote d’Azur vary from town to town.
In The Var you have the famous Saint Tropez, which has an almost village like feel, with easy
access to the back Provencal back country.
Further up the coast in Saint Raphael you have the stunning Esterel mountains, making for a
beautiful drive on the coast and great hiking.
The Alpes Maritimes is somewhat denser and is home to the effervescent city of Nice, glitzy
Cannes, charming Antibes, and other sought-after gems like Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Go to
Menton on the border and you get a distinctly Italian vibe, both in terms of architectures
and ambiance.


There’s lots to Do
There’s so much to do on The French Riviera, meaning there’s something for everyone.
You can sail a yacht from any one of the numerous harbours, go shopping in Cannes' luxury
boutiques, go for a city break in bustling Nice, or admire the beauty of the old town in Saint
Alternatively, just chill at a café and watch the world go by or relax on a warm sunny beach
anywhere along the beautiful Mediterranean coast and top up on your tan.

It’s an Excellent Investment
Buying a home on The Cote d’Azur is an excellent investment and French Riviera real estate
remains prime.
Many of the above-mentioned strong points means the area remains highly sought after and
the real estate market is one of the most buoyant in France.
Property on The French Riviera tends to hold its value well and almost always increases in
price year on year.
Rental returns from platforms such as Airbnb allow for solid rental returns; an American
client of ours recently purchased a 3 bedroom apartment in the centre of Cannes for a
relatively modest €600,000 and is seeing over 10% yield, making over €90,000 net per year
in holiday lets.

If you’d like to find out more about how to buy a property on The French Riviera, or
elsewhere in France, send us an email at contact@buyersagentfrance.com, or schedule a
free, obligation-free discovery call using this link : https://buyersagentfrance.com/contact/

Investment opportunity in Cannes on The Cote d'Azur

Have you ever considered investing in property in France, but ended up sticking to investments in the stock markets or local property as a safer option?

Well, now you can make both a fun lifestyle investment and get an excellent return!

This property for sale in Cannes on the French Riviera is set in a prime location, just 5 mins walk from La Croisette with its sandy beaches and luxury boutiques.

The apartment is located on the first floor of a beautiful period building from the early 1900s and features high ceilings and tasteful decoration throughout.

It is composed of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a separate kitchen area. There is also a storage room on the top floor of the building.

Investment opportunity in Cannes on The Cote d'Azur Buyers Agent France

The net rental income for 2023 was €103,000, via a mix of Airbnb holiday lets and agency rentals using a property management company?

This a unique and rare opportunity to purchase prime real estate in one of the world's most sought after locations.

We help international clients buy luxury homes on The Cote d'Azur and throughout all of France's best spots.

For this and other investment opportunities on The Cote d'Azur, Provence, or The French Alps, contact us here.

Reasons To Use A Buyers Agent In France

Discover the Easiest, Most Secure Way to Buy Luxury Property in France!

Welcome to Buyer's Agent France, your trusted partner in purchasing luxury French real estate. We are more than a standard real estate agency; we are your locally based experts, acquisition consultants, guiding you through every step of your property purchase journey in France. Our British-born, multilingual team understands you both linguistically and culturally, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable property buying experience.

With over 13 years of experience in the French real estate market, we provide insider knowledge and expertise that is second to none. Whether you're dreaming of a sun-soaked farmhouse in Provence, a penthouse on The Cote d'Azur, a luxury villa in Biarritz on The Basque Coast, a chic apartment in Paris, or a charming chalet in the French Alps, we are here to make that dream a reality. We offer an exclusive and confidential buying service, working solely on your behalf to ensure a safe and secure property purchase.

At Buyer's Agent France, we believe in quality over quantity. To guarantee an exceptional, top-end service, we accept only a limited number of clients per year. This allows us to provide each client with the attention and personalized service they deserve. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have found their dream homes in France with our help. Start your journey with us today and offer yourself the lifestyle you deserve.!



Reasons for high net worth individuals to get a mortgage……..
*(an excellent and informative article written by our financial partner based on The Cote

Leverage and accessibility to cash :
In the previous 18 months, the cost of credit has significantly increased for borrowers, so
many international clients will question if opting for a mortgage is a sensible financial
decision. Many U/HNW individuals will have the means to purchase a property in cash; however,
opting for a mortgage can create financial flexibility.
The purpose of a mortgage is encouraged for long term financial planning and building
wealth. In uncertain times, it is important for wealthy clients to remain liquid instead of
locking up cash in a luxury assets.

For a business owner, the arrangement of a mortgage can be a useful tool to mitigate tax
concerns. For example, taking profit out of a company through a salary or dividend
means that income tax will be due. In some cases, this might be up to 40% in western
In a difficult period or economic recession; access to cash will be needed to support
U/HNW individuals lifestyle and fixed business costs. The macro economic situation in Europe remains unsettled with high inflation across the 27 countries. The inflation figures improved in June at 5,5% but in comparison the average cost of a 20 year fixed rate mortgage is around 3,7% (not including mortgage insurance or other costs). Broadly speaking, opting for a mortgage is still reasonable when compared
to the historical lending rates in the 1990s and early 2000s; whereby the boomer generation accepted interest rates between 7% to 12% - food for thought and predictions welcomed !

French Inheritance Tax :
A property located in France, will almost certainly be subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT).
The taxation rate varies from 5% to 45% of the net taxable portion. In the event of death,
the registration of mortgage (usually a bullet loan) can be deductible from the net market
value of the property.

This tax mitigation strategy works if your lender does not require a life insurance policy.
Many U/HNW clients looking at an overseas retirement property should consider taking a
mortgage (or Lombard loan).
In all cases of Inheritance tax planning seek a qualified financial planner to assess your individual circumstances.


Finally, in an emergency, selling a property or seeking an equity release can take several months; so opting for a mortgage can provide flexibility to seize market opportunities with liquid cash.
"Taux d'usure": July 2023 market update and 2024 prediction from July 1st, the maximum lending has reached 5,09% for mortgage loans contracted.
over 20 years or more, an increase of 0,41% basis points over one month. This is the
first time since 2012 that the maximum lending rate has exceeded the symbolic 5%

As a reminder, the maximum rate to consumers is governed by the Banque de France
and has been closely monitored since February 2023; whereby the rate has been
adjusted monthly compared to quarterly.

According to VousFinancer, average rates charged by banks reached 3,8% in June for
loans over 20 years and more. We expect this to surpass 4% in July. Thereby,
household borrowing capacity has fallen by about 25% in two years. The Banque de France has confirmed credit production is 40% less in one year.

We believe that many lending institutions in France will reach a lending rate of 5% for
loans over 20 years at the beginning of 2024. It is widely accepted that sellers will need
to adjust their pricing strategy to fit a new market era of positive interest rates not witnessed in
France for more than a decade.

Declaration of property usage:
It is estimated that 34 million property owners in France must indicative to the tax
administration the state of occupancy of their home. This declaration must be done by
the 31st July 2023 for residents and non residents.

In a period of uncertainty, and rising interest rates, it might seem like the wrong moment
to purchase a property overseas for U/HNW investors. However, in many cases, it is
actually an excellent opportunity to diversify into a new market currency with hard assets
and hedge against currency fluctuations .
We've noticed the resurgence of American cash buyers (or 50/50 with mortgage) looking
to lock in the currency opportunity when 1 US dollar matched 1 Euro.
On the flip side, it might be an excellent opportunity for international sellers when a
strong Euro is against their home currency.
This might be applicable for Scandinavian and British clients holding Euro dominated

How can we help U/HNW individuals?
* Purchase finance. we focus on non residents & loan requests above € 1 million
* Refinance review your current mortgage facility before loan maturity
* Equity release raise debt secured against a luxury asset
* Bridging finance short term debt solutions
* Development finance liquidity available for property professionals
* Sale and leaseback investors purchase your property for a period of 24 months - up to
70% LTV
* Cross border financial review of global assets and solutions
* Alternative finance securities-backed lending (single stock loans, non listed stocks)

How do we support U/HNW individuals?
* Knowledge and experience for every situation
* Trusted network of industry contacts to find a mortgage solution. *Experienced deal maker for complex situations
* Managing expectations of clients and key partnerships
* Save time and money during a period of market uncertainty
* Dedicated point of contact to discuss all financial matters before and after loan facility.

For advice on financing from our trusted partners, or if you'd like to know how we can
help you find and buy a luxury property in France go to our website at www.buyersagentfrance.com or plan an obligation free discovery call here, or email us at contact@buyersagentfrance.com.

English Speaking Agent France

English Speaking Agent France Buyers Agent France

Finding Your Dream Home in France?

Look No Further with an English Speaking Real Estate Agent in France!

If you're looking to buy or sell property in France, having an English speaking real estate agent in France by your side can make all the difference. Discover how the professional, Ryan Green can help you navigate the French property market with ease!


Are you dreaming of owning a beautiful chateau nestled in the picturesque French countryside, or perhaps a charming apartment in the heart of Paris? The idea of owning property in France can be incredibly alluring, but navigating the complexities of the French real estate market can be a daunting task, especially if you're not fluent in French. That's where an English speaking real estate agent in France can come to your rescue!

France is known for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and world-class cuisine. It's no wonder that many foreigners, including English-speaking individuals, are drawn to the idea of owning property in this beautiful country. However, the French property market has its unique set of rules, regulations, and language barriers that can pose challenges for those who are not familiar with them. This is where an English speaking real estate agent in France can be an invaluable resource to help you navigate the process smoothly and with confidence.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of working with an English speaking real estate agent in France, how they can assist you in finding your dream home, and answer some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Why Choose an English Speaking Real Estate Agent in France?

When it comes to buying or selling property in France, having a real estate agent who is fluent in English can be a game-changer. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider working with an English speaking real estate agent in France:

  1. Language Barrier: One of the most significant challenges for non-French speakers in the French real estate market is the language barrier. French real estate contracts, legal documents, and negotiations are typically conducted in French, which can be overwhelming if you're not fluent in the language. An English speaking real estate agent in France can bridge this gap by providing clear communication in English, ensuring that you fully understand the buying or selling process and all the associated legal requirements.
  2. Cultural Understanding: French culture and customs play a significant role in the property buying and selling process. Having an English speaking real estate agent in France who understands both the French and English cultures can help you navigate these nuances with ease. They can provide insights into the local customs, etiquette, and expectations, ensuring that you approach the property transaction in a culturally appropriate manner.
  3. Local Market Knowledge: An English speaking real estate agent in France has in-depth knowledge of the local property market. They are familiar with the different regions, neighborhoods, and property types, and can provide valuable guidance on the best areas to invest in based on your preferences, budget, and lifestyle. They can also advise you on local property prices, market trends, and investment opportunities, helping you make informed decisions.
  4. Professional Expertise: Real estate transactions in France can be complex, and navigating the legal and administrative processes can be overwhelming, especially if you're not familiar with the French system. An English speaking real estate agent in France is a trained professional who understands the intricacies of the French real estate market. They can provide expert advice, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure that all the legal requirements are met, making the buying or selling process smooth and hassle-free.
  5. Expanded Network: An established English speaking real estate agent in France typically has an extensive network of contacts, including other real estate professionals, notaries, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and local service providers. This network can be invaluable in helping you connect with the right people and resources to ensure a successful