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​Ryan Green, the original founder and associate director of international estate agent MY DREAM HOME, has designed this exclusive, and fully confidential method of purchase, in order to offer you the best buying service available in France.
BUYER'S AGENT FRANCE is a bespoke concept, created to meet the specific needs of the discerning international buyer wishing to acquire luxury French property. Our efficient and excellent process is guaranteed to satisfy your expectations!
In order to guarantee an exceptional, top end service, we can only accept 5 clients per year, via recommendation, or online  application.  Please schedule a call if you would like to connect!
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How We Work

An Exclusive Service

Buyer's Agent France was created as a top end service: not to sell you a product from a property portfolio, but to listen to your wishes and then match suitable homes to your specific needs.

Our role is to help take away any stress and pressure that might be felt from buying in a foreign country. We understand you might live far away, you may not speak the language, possibly don't know the buying process, and probably don't have the time nor inclination to be constantly chasing after agents to get answers, pics, plans, locations, etc.....

That's why we offer you one point of contact.
You will have direct, straight forward communication with someone you can trust. Honesty, authenticity, professionalism and an exceptional buying experience are guaranteed. You can consider us your "friends away from home".

Defining Purchase Specifications:

You can use our expertise to validate the feasibility of your project and gain clarity on exactly what you're looking for. You may already have your purchase specifications in mind, but it's always useful to go through the many different factors to take into consideration when buying a luxury property in France, including location, climate, access, return on investment, budget, etc..... This part of the process is key to the successful acquisition of your dream home.

Sourcing Properties:

Finding luxury properties can be a fun job, but it can also be frustrating and difficult to negotiate when searching from abroad. France doesn't have a website of centralised property listings, and some homes are listed with more than one selling agent and sometimes even at different prices. At Buyer's Agent France we use a combination of means to find you the right place, including our network of real estate agents, the entire listings of luxury French properties for sale on various portals, and in specific cases we source directly with the vendors.

All of the information, photos, plans, locations and follow up, is handled by me so you don't have to chase anyone, saving you considerable time and eventual hassle.

Virtual Viewings:

In order to save you time and expense traveling to France to see properties, we arrange for a pre-viewing, where we organise WhatsApp virtual viewings, 360° immersive tours, videos, high resolution HDR images, before you need to leave your own home, or office to come and view in person. With the wealth of information we provide, including full addresses, plans, plot numbers and information about the direct surroundings and neighbours, some of our clients even decide to purchase their luxury French property at a distance.

Viewing Trip:

We organise your viewing trip (generally 2-3 days) down to the finest details.
We will also help you arrange a rental car, chauffeur and accommodation.
You will be driven to the viewings, leaving you to fully concentrate on taking in the surroundings without any distractions. Needless to say lunch and dinners will be part of the whole experience, meaning you can thoroughly enjoy The fine French lifestyle. A viewing trip of properties shortlisted from the previous virtual viewings, means that you will simply choose from one of handful of carefully selected homes.


We negotiate with the vendors exclusively on your behalf, in order to get you the best possible price, when purchasing your luxury French home. There's no percentage based commission, only fixed rate fees per price bracket, meaning no conflict of interest. Whenever possible we aim to be able to negotiate the amount charged for our fees, or at least part of it. You can be guaranteed we will protect your best interests at all times. Once a price has been agreed on we'll draw up an official written offer, thus legally securing your purchase.

Professional Network and Contacts:

In order to facilitate your purchase I'll put you in touch with the relevant professionals within my nationwide and international network, including, but not limited to : notary, mortgage brokers, currency traders, fiscal lawyers, architects, insurance brokers, etc..... I have no affiliation with any particular organisation or company, therefore my role is to help you to find the right person for your particular needs and the specific job in hand. I'll forward your details for the notary of your choice, who'll draw up the preliminary sales agreement (compromis de vente). I'll be your point of contract throughout for questions, advice, follow ups and anything else you might need.


Completion is generally 2-3 months from an accepted written offer (yes even if you're a cash buyer) and takes place at the notary's office, or more and more frequently by zoom or electronic signature. We'll do a pre-signature check of the property and will take metre readings for the changeover of utilities and other services. If you decide not to physically come for the completion and handover of the keys, we can arrange for a power of attorney for the notary's clerk to act on your behalf. Congratulations!!! This is where you officially become owners of your dream home in France, but my work for you hasn't finished yet..........

After Sales

You've taken possession of your French Home, however you'll probably need some help finalising important details such as changeover of services and utilities, delivery of furniture, decoration, home improvements, etc..... We'll put you in contact with suitable professionals for concierge services, property management, interior decoration, architecture, caretaking, and much more.

Needless to say you'll be looked after all the way!


Fee Structure

Buyer's Agent France specialises in property transactions over €500,000.

We provide a boutique service, tailor made to your specific needs as a unique client wishing to purchase property in France.

In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, we use a fixed fee structure, per price bracket, as opposed to a percentage of the sale price.
A fixed fee guarantees you have someone working to get you the right property at the right price.

We don't take a commission from the selling agent. The reason is two-fold;
First, this opens up the whole market and gives us access to 100% of the properties for sale in France, even from selling agents that don't like to share.
Second, you have someone working solely on your behalf, with no vested interest in other parties, be it vendor or selling agent.

We are here to get you the best deal, and the lowest possible price on your French property, while helping you buy your dream home in France and get the lifestyle you deserve.

Feel free to contact us for an obligation free discovery call to discuss your project and obtain a personalised quote.

up to €1.5M

€60,000 including VAT

€1.5M - €3M +

€90,000 including VAT

€3M - €5M +

€120,000 including VAT

€5M - €10M +

€180,000 including VAT

€15M - €20M

€250,000 including VAT


€500,000 including VAT
NB if you are looking to buy a property in France at a lower price point and are interested in our services or have an unique proeperty scenario, please contact us to discuss options.

Meet Ryan

Founding Director, Buyer's Agent France

"I firmly believe that buying a French home isn't just about buying a villa on The Cote d'Azur, a house on The Basque Coast, a chalet in The French Alps or a farm house in Provence; it's about the truly exceptional lifestyle that comes with it".
Below you can read more about Ryan's background, why he created this exclusive service and how exactly we can help you.  Ryan is British born and speaks fluent French and Dutch.

He splits his time between Saint Gervais les Bains (between Megeve and Chamonix Mont Blanc) in The French Alps, Frejus (between Saint Tropez and Cannes) on The Cote d'Azur and Biarritz on The Basque Coast.

Ryan has worked in luxury property sales in France for the last 14 years and has mediated over €130M of French real estate to high worth individuals over the past 10 years.
Luxury French Property is Ryan's passion. When he's not working, he's either with his 3 children, hiking in the mountains, kitesurfing on the Ocean, or helping other business owners via his personal development programmes.

Having initially started off as a house hunter in Provence & The French Riviera, he transitioned to the traditional business model of a real estate agent, with a portfolio of French properties for sale in The French Alps and The Basque Coast in South West France.

Ryan recently relinquished the role of Associate Director in an operational capacity for our previous parent company, MY DREAM HOME FRANCE, in order to concentrate his time exclusively to helping top-end clients to find and purchase luxury properties throughout the most sought after locations in The South of France : in The French Alps, Provence Cote d'Azur and The Basque Coast.
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Ryan Green, Experienced French Real Estate Agent 
Buyers Agent France was born to meet the high demands of the discerning international buyer : an exclusive, and confidential buying service where we work solely on the buyers behalf. Our clients are generally busy, high wealth individuals, with a taste for luxury lifestyle.

They include business owners, film stars, football players, CEO's, so it goes without saying that discretion and confidentiality is key to my service. We don't take a commission from the vendor, nor selling agent, and we work to a fixed rate fee structure, ensuring there is absolutely no conflict of interest ; we work for you and you only, in order to find the right property at the best price, meaning you have the guarantee of French property professional looking out for your best interests at all times.

So, if you want a down to earth, professional, French based acquisition consultant to act on your behalf, while protecting your best interests at all times, please get in touch. If you'd like to purchase a French property in the safest, most efficient way possible, you might be interested in engaging our exclusive services as your personal buyer's agent in France. Please apply within to organise a discovery call to discuss your project, and my services, to see if we make a good fit.



A British born,
English, Dutch and French speaking real estate agent, who understands you, both linguistically and culturally


Located in The French Alps and The South of France Over 12 years experience as an estate agent in France, and expert market knowledge


A licensed French Estate Agent working exclusively on your behalf to ensure a safe and secure property purchase, while guiding you through the process from A-Z
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